Once again I am sharing an exploration I created as part of the Promt Whispering Group on Facebook. The topic is "Folk Tales."
I decided to think about the folk tales my mother always read to me and my siblings and this was one of her favorites. I think she wanted to teach us to always check the facts before believing anything. Good idea.

Chicken Little

EXCERPT: “Squawk! Squawk!” cried Chicken-little, “the sky’s falling down”; and away she ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She ran until she came to the barnyard, and there was Hen-pen rustling in the dust of the barnyard.

PROMPT: chicken screaming and running to a barn, illustrated by beatrix potter, --c 20 --s 400 --ar 10:7
In order to add the Hen-Pen character I created the pan right with an additional prompt after establishing Chicken Little and the style. Then, I erased the extra birds in Photoshop.
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